Before you upgrade Horizon 8, you must uninstall features that are no longer supported or deprecated in the latest version of the product.

If you upgrade to Horizon 8 2012 or later, you must uninstall the following feature that were available in Horizon 7.x:

No Longer Supported or Deprecated Features Description
JMP Server (no longer supported) If you have a JMP Server installed, and want to upgrade to Horizon 7 version 7.13 and later, you must uninstall the JMP server. See Uninstall JMP Server.
Note: Previously created JMP desktop assignments still appear in Horizon Console and can be modified or deleted. Previously created App Volumes assignments created from JMP assignments still appear in the App Volumes console and can be modified or deleted. The Dynamic Environment Manager setting assignment created from the JMP assignment if the Dynamic Environment Manager share isn't removed during JMP uninstallation, appears in the read only mode in the Dynamic Environment Manager console and you cannot modify or delete this assignment.