You can use Windows Performance Monitor (perfmon) to examine performance statistics for a Blast session.

Blast networking performance and diagnostic counters are primarily collected and published at the scope of a desktop session logged in from the remote client.

You can find these performance counters in perfmon. Counter names start with VMware Blast <feature name> Counters. For instance, the FPS counter can be found under VMware Blast Imaging Counters.

The following metrics are available for all remote features:
  • Transmitted Bytes
  • Received Bytes
  • Transmitted Packets
  • Received Packets

Imaging and Blast Session counters display additional metrics. For details, see

The following performance counters for each remote desktop feature over VMware Virtual Channel (VVC) in perfmon show the non-zero performance metrics while the feature is running:
  • Incoming and Outgoing Bandwidth (kbps): Rolling bandwidth calculation over constant number of samples. Each sample saves bytes transferred and timestamps for accurate bandwidth measurement, providing a snapshot of the most active channels at any given time and their performance characteristics. For example, you can compare file-copy speeds of USB and Client Drive Redirection for identical files. This graph shows the time, direction, duration, and in/out bandwidth numbers for CDR file transfers.

  • Out Queueing time (us): Time between outbound IO request entering and completing VVC, providing insight into how different loads impact the overall end user experience and if the scheduling policy is working as expected. This graph shows Imaging (vnc/encoder) packets sent out at a fixed pace until CDR transfer occurs and impacts latency by a significant factor (>10x, max >60x).

You can see partner VVC plugins and features with their feature names in VMware Blast Other Features. Partner features built on top of VdpService and RdpVcBridge interfaces get automatically enrolled for metric collection.
Table 1. Remote Features and Corresponding VVC Names
Feature VVC Name
Client Drive Redirection

File association

HTML5 Redirection

Browser Content Redirection

Microsoft Teams Redirection

Geolocation Redirection

Real-Time Audio-Video RTAV
Serial Port Redirection

Scanner Redirection

NLR3hv, NLW3hv
Skype for Business Redirection rpcme
Smart Card Redirection "Smart Card Virtual Channel"
TSMMR (Windows Media Player Redirection) tsmmr
Unity Touch/ Seamless Windows VMwareRde UNITY_UPDATE_CHA

URL Content Redirection

Unity / Seamless Windows


Input Tracker

SDO Sensor

USB Redirection UsbRedirection
VMware Integrated Printing PrintRedir