You can specify a USB device family when you create USB filtering rules for Horizon Client or Horizon Agent.

Note: Some devices do not report a device family.
Table 1. USB Device Families
Device Family Name Description
audio Any audio-input or audio-output device.
audio-in Audio-input devices such as microphones.
audio-out Audio-output devices such as loudspeakers and headphones.
bluetooth Bluetooth-connected devices.
comm Communications devices such as modems and wired networking adapters.
hid Human interface devices excluding keyboards and pointing devices.
hid-bootable Human interface devices that are available at startup time, excluding keyboards and pointing devices.
imaging Imaging devices such as scanners.
keyboard Keyboard device.
mouse Pointing device such as a mouse.
other Family not specified.
pda Personal digital assistants.
physical Force feedback devices such as force feedback joysticks.
printer Printing devices.
security Security devices such as fingerprint readers.
smart-card Smart-card devices.
storage Mass storage devices such as flash drives and external hard disk drives.
unknown Family not known.
vendor Devices with vendor-specific functions.
video Video-input devices.
wireless Wireless networking adapters.
wusb Wireless USB devices.