You can provision an instant clone desktop pool with Microsoft Sysprep without pre-created computer account customization to automatically select Active Directory sites.

To enable the feature globally or at a pool level, you use the ADAM database. Enabling the feature at the pool level allows you to test the new provisioning workflow on a test pool before enabling it globally for all sysprep pools.


  1. Set the attribute pae-icSysprepDomainJoinEnabled to the value of 1.
    • To enable the feature globally: CN=Common,OU=Global,OU=Properties,DC=vdi,DC=vmware,DC=int
    • To enable the feature at the pool level for existing pools: CN=<PoolName>,OU=Server Groups,DC=vdi,DC=vmware,DC=int
  2. Create an instant clone desktop pool and follow the prompts. In the Guest Customization section, select Use a Customization Specification (sysprep).
    The Site Name field is not available.
  3. Create a VM Customization Spec in vCenter.
    The Workgroup or Domain field can be the default value. In Administrator Password if a password is specified, the password for the Administrator account is set to that value and the administrator account is disabled.
  4. Complete the new instant clone sysprep pool creation.
  5. Perform a push image on existing sysprep pools for changes to take effect.


After a pool is provisioned with the new workflow, the pae-CurrentCustomizationStrategy is set toSYSPREP_DOMAIN_JOIN in the pae-ServerPool object in the ADAM database.