Global entitlements entitle users and groups to desktops and applications in a Cloud Pod Architecture environment. Global entitlements provide the link between users and their desktops and applications, regardless of where those desktops and applications reside in the pod federation.

A global entitlement contains a list of member users or groups, a set of policies, and a list of the pools that can provide desktops or applications for entitled users. You can add both users and groups, only users, or only groups, to a global entitlement.



  1. Log in to the Horizon Console user interface for any Connection Server instance in the pod federation.
  2. Select Inventory > Global Entitlements and click Add.
  3. Select the type of global entitlement to add.
    Option Description
    Desktop Entitlement Adds a global desktop entitlement.
    Application Entitlement Adds a global application entitlement.
  4. Click Next and follow the prompts to configure the global entitlement.
    Use the configuration information that you gathered in the global entitlement configuration worksheet.
  5. Click Next and add users or groups to the global entitlement.
    1. To filter users or groups based on your search criteria, click Add, select one or more search criteria, and click Find.
    2. Select the user or group to add to the global entitlement and click OK.
      You can press the Ctrl and Shift keys to select multiple users and groups.

      To restrict access to the global entitlement to specific client computers, select the Active Directory security group that contains the names of the computers that are allowed to access the global entitlement.

      You can select the Unauthenticated Users check box to find and add unauthenticated access users to global application entitlements. You cannot add unauthenticated access users to global desktop entitlements.

  6. To create the global entitlement, click Next, review the global entitlement configuration, and click Finish.
    The global entitlement appears on the Global Entitlements page.


The Cloud Pod Architecture feature stores the global entitlement in the Global Data Layer, which replicates the global entitlement on every pod in the pod federation.

What to do next

Select the pools that can provide desktops or applications for the users in the global entitlement that you created. See How to Add a Pool to a Global Entitlement Using Horizon Console