When you create a domain bind account, you must specify certain account configuration and Active Directory (AD) registration properties. Horizon 8 uses the domain bind account as the primary service account to connect to the Active Directory server of an untrusted user domain and query Active Directory.

Table 1. Domain Bind Account Properties
Properties Description
DNS Name Fully qualified Active Directory domain name.
Netbios Active Directory NetBIOS domain name.
Protocol (Not editable) LDAP is the only supported protocol.
Primary Service Account Credentials for the primary domain bind service account:
  • User name. User name of the primary domain bind administrator.
  • Password. Password of the primary domain bind administrator.
Port The default port is 389 (LDAP). You do not need to modify this text box unless you are using a non-standard port.
Context LDAP naming context relevant for the DNS domain name. This field is automatically populated from the DNS name. For example, "dc=horizon,dc=example,dc=com".
Automatic Select this option to automatically discover domain controllers.
Domain Controller IPs Specify which domain controller IPs to use to communicate with this Active Directory. Multiple IPs can be provided as a comma separated list.
Sitename Preferred site to search the domain controller or controllers.