To support instant clones, the vCenter Server user must have privileges in addition to those required to support VMware Horizon 8.

Table 1. Minimum vCenter Server Privileges Required for the Horizon Administrator Role with Instant Clones
Privilege Group on vCenter Server Privileges to Enable
Alarms Disable or enable alarm on entity
Cryptographic operations The following privileges are required if you use instant clones VMs with a Trusted Platform Module (vTPM) device.
  • Clone
  • Decrypt
  • Direct Access
  • Encrypt
  • Manage KMS
  • Migrate
  • Register Host

Allocate space

Browse datastore


Create folder

Delete folder


Act as vCenter Server

Disable methods

Enable methods

Manage custom attributes

Set custom attribute


In Configuration

  • Advanced Settings

In Inventory

  • Modify Cluster
Network Assign network
Profile Driven Storage (all--If you are using vSAN datastores or Virtual Volumes)

Assign virtual machine to resource pool

Storage views Not required
Virtual machine

In Change Configuration (all)

  • Acquire disk lease
  • Add existing disk
  • Add new disk
  • Add or remove device
  • Advanced configuration
  • Change CPU count
  • Change memory
  • Change resource
  • Change settings
  • Change swapfile placement
  • Configure Host USB device
  • Configure managedBy
  • Configure Raw device
  • Display connection settings
  • Extend virtual disk
  • Modify device settings
  • Query Fault Tolerance compatibility
  • Query unowned files
  • Reload from path
  • Remove disk
  • Rename
  • Reset guest information
  • Set annotation
  • Toggle disk change tracking
  • Toggle fork parent
  • Upgrade virtual machine compatibility

In Edit Inventory:

  • Create from existing
  • Create new
  • Move
  • Register
  • Remove
  • Unregister
In Interaction:
  • Connect devices
  • Perform wipe or shrink operations
  • Power off
  • Power on
  • Reset
  • Suspend
In Provisioning:
  • Allow disk access
  • Clone template
  • Clone Virtual Machine
  • Customize
  • Deploy template
  • Read customization specifications

In Snapshot management

  • Create snapshot
  • Remove snapshot
  • Rename snapshot
  • Revert snapshot