You can configure USB policies for both the remote desktop or application (Horizon Agent) and Horizon Client. These policies specify whether the client device should split composite USB devices into separate components for redirection. You can split devices to restrict the types of USB devices that the client makes available for redirection, and to make Horizon Agent prevent certain USB devices from being forwarded from a client computer.

USB policy settings are applicable to both Horizon Agent and Horizon Client. You can use Horizon Agent USB policy settings to block USB devices from being forwarded to a desktop. Horizon Agent can send device splitting and filtering policy settings to Horizon Client. You can use Horizon Client USB policy settings to prevent USB devices from being redirected from a client computer to a desktop. These USB redirection policy settings apply to published desktops and applications as well as to remote desktops that run on single-user machines.

If you upgrade Horizon Client, any existing registry settings for USB redirection, such as HardwareIdFilters, remain valid until you define USB policies for Horizon Client.

On client devices that do not support client-side USB policies, you can use the USB policies for Horizon Agent to control which USB devices are allowed to be forwarded from the client to a desktop or application.