You can use Microsoft Windows Group Policy to optimize and secure remote desktops, control the behavior of Horizon 8 components, and to configure location-based printing.

Group Policy is a feature of Microsoft Windows operating systems that provides centralized management and configuration of computers and remote users in an Active Directory environment.

Group policy settings are contained in entities called group policy objects (GPOs). GPOs are associated with Active Directory objects. You can apply GPOs to Horizon 8 components at a domain-wide level to control various areas of the Horizon 8 environment. After they are applied, GPO settings are stored in the local Windows Registry of the specified component.

You use the Microsoft Windows Group Policy Object Editor to manage group policy settings. The Group Policy Object Editor is a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in. The MMC is part of the Microsoft Group Policy Management Console (GPMC). See the Microsoft TechNet Web site for information on installing and using the GPMC.