When you install Horizon Agent on a virtual machine that has more than one NIC, you must configure the subnet that Horizon Agent uses. The subnet determines which network address Horizon Agent provides to the Connection Server instance for client protocol connections.

Procedure for Windows Machines

On the virtual machine on which Horizon Agent is installed, open a command prompt, type regedit.exe and create a registry entry to configure the subnet.

For example, in an IPv4 network:

HKLM\Software\VMware, Inc.\VMware VDM\IpPrefix = n.n.n.n/m (REG_SZ)

In this example, n.n.n.n is the TCP/IP subnet and m is the number of bits in the subnet mask.

Procedure for Linux Machines

On the virtual machine where Horizon Agent is installed, edit the /etc/vmware/viewagent-custom.conf file to specify the subnet.

  • In an IPv4 environment, configure the value for Subnet using CIDR notation, for example:
  • In an IPv6 environment, configure the value for Subnet6 using prefix/length notation, for example: