Unmanaged machines, which are virtual machines not managed by vCenter Server, can be in various states of operation and availability. In Horizon Console, you can track the status of unmanaged machines in the right-hand column of the Machines page under the Others tab.

Status of Unmanaged Machines shows the operational state of unmanaged machines that are displayed in Horizon Console. A machine can be in only one state at a time.

Table 1. Status of Unmanaged Machines
Status Description
Startup Horizon Agent has started on the machine, but other required services such as the display protocol are still starting. The agent startup period allows other processes such as protocol services to start up as well.
Validating This state occurs after Horizon Connection Server first becomes aware of the machine, typically after Horizon Connection Server is started or restarted, and before the first successful communication with Horizon Agent on the machine. Typically, this state is transient. It is not the same as the "Agent unreachable" state, which indicates a communication problem.
Agent disabled This state can occur if Horizon Connection Server deactivates Horizon Agent. This state ensures that a new desktop session cannot be started on the machine.
Agent unreachable Horizon Connection Server cannot establish communication with Horizon Agent on the machine. The machine might be powered off.
Invalid IP The subnet mask registry setting is configured on the machine, and no active network adapters have an IP address within the configured range.
Agent needs reboot A Horizon 8 component was upgraded, and the machine must be restarted to allow Horizon Agent to operate with the upgraded component.
Protocol failure The display protocol did not start before the Horizon Agent startup period expired.
Note: Horizon Console can display machines in a Protocol failure state when one protocol failed but other protocols started successfully. For example, the Protocol failure state might be displayed when HTML Access failed but PCoIP and RDP are working. In this case, the machines are available and Horizon Client devices can access them through PCoIP or RDP.
Domain failure The machine encountered a problem reaching the domain. The domain server was not accessible, or the domain authentication failed.
Configuration error The display protocol such as RDP or another protocol is not enabled.
Unassigned user connected

A user other than the assigned user is logged in to a machine in a dedicated-assignment pool.

For example, this state can occur if an administrator logs in to the unmanaged machine without using Horizon Client.

Unassigned user disconnected A user other than the assigned user is logged in and disconnected from a machine in a dedicated-assignment pool.
Unknown The machine is in an unknown state.
Available The desktop-source computer is powered on and the desktop is ready for a connection. In a dedicated pool, the desktop is assigned to a user. The desktop starts when the user logs in.
Connected The desktop is in a session and has a remote connection to a Horizon Client device.
Disconnected The desktop is in a session, but it is disconnected from the Horizon Client device.