You can create published applications on demand using VMware App Volumes. Published applications on demand helps reduce the number of OS images and RDS farms. With the addition of App Volumes, Horizon 8 can configure individual RDS hosts for logged in users. This consolidates RDS farms based on real-time need, and enables you to easily manage multi-farm environments and simplify the lifecycle management of the applications.

To access published applications on demand, you add one or more VMware App Volumes Managers to Horizon Console, associate it with a farm, select applications and add user and group entitlement. These tasks need to be performed in the order in which they are documented.


  • The following minimum product versions are required for this feature:
    • Horizon Agent 2212
    • VMware App Volumes 4, version 2212
  • Install and configure an App Volumes Manager and note the FQDN or IP address, port, user name, and password.
  • Ensure that the App Volumes Manager is configured with a self-signed SSL certificate.
  • Ensure you have at least one application package imported to the App Volumes Manager and assigned the CURRENT marker. All packages used for published applications on demand must be assigned the CURRENT marker.
  • In the App Volumes Manager advanced settings, activate the option Allow package delivery to any operating system. For more information, see App Volumes Manager Configuration Settings Page in the App Volumes documentation.
  • Ensure that you have at least one automated RDS farm in your environment. For more information, see Creating and Managing Farms.
  • Ensure that the golden image used to create the farm has both Horizon Agent and the App Volumes agent installed. See the App Volumes documentation for details.
    Note: Create RDS farms using a golden image that has Windows Update disabled. Apply Windows Updates by updating the golden image and scheduling maintenance for the farm to apply the new golden image.


  1. Add a VMware App Volumes Manager.
  2. Associate a VMware App Volumes with a farm.
  3. Add applications.