You can display the machines that are allocated to users whose entitlement has been removed, and you can also display the policies that have been applied to unentitled users.

A user who is unentitled might have left the organization permanently, or you might have suspended their account for an extended period of time. These users are assigned a machine but they are no longer entitled to use the machine pool.

You can also use the vdmadmin command with the -O or -P option to display unentitled machines and policies. For more information, see the Horizon 8 Administration document.


  1. In Horizon Console, select Inventory > Machines.
  2. Select More Commands > View Unentitled Machines.
  3. Remove the machine assignments for unentitled users.
  4. Select More Commands > View Unentitled Machines or More Commands > View Unentitled Policies as appropriate.
  5. Change or remove the policies that are applied to unentitled users.