When you add a Web application to the catalog, you are creating an entry that points indirectly to the Web application. The entry is defined by the application record, which is a form that includes a URL to the Web application.


  1. In the administration console, click the Catalog tab.
  2. Click Add Application > Web Application ...from the cloud application catalog.
  3. Click the icon of the Web application you want to add.

    The application record is added to your catalog, and the Details page appears with the name and authentication profile already specified.

  4. (Optional) Customize the information on the Details page for your organization's needs.

    Items on the page are populated with information specific to the Web application.

    You can edit some of the items, depending on the application.

    Form Item



    The name of the application.


    A description of the application that users can read.


    Click Browse to upload an icon for the application. Icons in PNG, JPG, and ICON file formats, up to 4MB, are supported.

    Uploaded icons are resized to 80px X 80px.

    To prevent distortion, upload icons where the height and width are equal to each other and as close as possible to the 80px X 80px resize dimensions.


    To allow the application to appear in a category search of catalog resources, select a category from the drop-down menu. You must have created the category earlier.

  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Configuration, edit the application record's configuration details, and click Save.

    Some of the items on the form are prepopulated with information specific to the Web application. Some of the prepopulated items are editable, while others are not. The information requested varies from application to application.

    For some applications, the form has an Application Parameters section. If the section exists for an application and a parameter in the section does not have a default value, provide a value to allow the application to launch. If a default value is provided, you can edit the value.

  7. Select the Entitlements, Licensing, and Provisioning tabs and customize the information as appropriate.




    Entitle users and groups to the application. You can configure entitlements while initially configuring the application or anytime in the future.

    Access Policies

    Apply an access policy to control user access to the application.


    Configure approval tracking. Add license information for the application to track license use in reports. Approvals must be enabled and configured in the Catalog > Settings page. You must also register the callback URI of the approval request handler.


    Provision a Web application to retrieve specific information from the VMware Identity Manager service. If provisioning is configured for a Web application, when you entitle a user to the application, the user is provisioned in the Web Application. Currently, a provisioning adapter is available for Google Apps and Office 365. Go to VMware Identity Manager Integrations at https://www.vmware.com/support/pubs/vidm_webapp_sso.html for configuration guides for these applications.