After you configured and installed the AirWatch Tunnel Per App Tunnel component, you can configure the Android VPN profile and add a version to the profile.


  1. In the AirWatch admin console, navigate to Devices > Profiles > Add Profile and select Android or Android for Work.
  2. Configure the General settings for Android if they are not already set up.
  3. In the left column, select VPN and click Configure.
  4. Complete the VPN Connection information.



    Connection Type

    Select AirWatch Tunnel.

    Connection Name

    Enter a name for this connect. For example, AndroidSSO Configuration.


    The AirWatch Tunnel server URL is automatically entered.

    Per-App VPN Rules

    Select the Per-App VPN Rules check box.

  5. Click Add Version.
  6. Click Save & Publish.

What to do next

Enable per-app VPN for the Android apps that can be accessed using Mobile SSO for Android. See Enable Per-App VPN for Android Apps.