Configure the default Built-in identity provider with the authentication methods that do not require a connector. Authentication methods you configure here can be enabled on other built-in identity providers that you add to your environment.


  1. In the Identity & Access Management tab, go to Manage > Identity Providers.
  2. Select the identity provider labeled Built-in and configure the identity provider details.



    Identity Provider Name

    Enter the name for this built-in identity provider instance.


    Select which users to authentication. The configured directories are listed.


    The existing network ranges configured in the service are listed. Select the network ranges for the users based on the IP addresses that you want to direct to this identity provider instance for authentication.

    Authentication Methods

    To configure an authentication method, click the gearbox icons and configure the authentication methods. When you integrate AirWatch with VMware Identity Manager, you can select the authentication methods to use.

    For Device Compliance (with AirWatch) and Password (AirWatch Connector), make sure that the option is enabled in the AirWatch configuration page.

  3. After you create the authentication methods, select the check boxes for the authentication methods you want to use with this Built-in identity provider.
  4. If you are using Built-in Kerberos authentication, download the KDC issuer certificate to use in the AirWatch configuration of the iOS device management profile.
  5. Click Add.


The authentication methods you configured can be enabled in other built-in identity providers you add, without requiring additional configuration.