You must enable Citrix PowerShell remoting on the Citrix servers you are integrating with VMware Identity Manager. Citrix PowerShell remoting enables connections between Integration Broker and the Citrix server farm.


  • If you do not have Winrm installed, download and install Winrm from the Microsoft Web site.


  1. Install an SSL server certificate on the Citrix servers that you are integrating with VMware Identity Manager.
  2. Click Properties and verify that Server Authentication is enabled for the certificate.
  3. Open the PowerShell console in the administrator mode.
  4. Enable Citrix PowerShell Remoting.
    1. Type the Get-Service winrm command to verify that Winrm is installed on the server.
    2. Type the Enable-PSRemoting command.

      This command enables PowerShell Remoting on the server.

    3. Install the Citrix PowerShell SDK 5.0 or 6.0 depending on the Citrix server version.
    4. Enable winrm HTTPS listener from the command prompt.
      1. Create a certificate on the server.

      2. Record the certificate's thumb print.

      3. Verify that the certificate's thumb print is configured.

         winrm quickconfig -transport:https
    5. Create the listener.
      winrm create winrm/config/Listener?Address=*+Transport=HTTPS @{Hostname="host FQDN";CertificateThumbprint="certificate thumbprint"}
    6. Verify that the listener was created.

      winrm e winrm/config/listener

      This server is ready to use.

    7. After the listener is created, go to the Integration Broker server to verify that PowerShell remoting is installed correctly.

      winrm identify -r:https://XENAPP_HOSTNAME:5986 -u:USERNAME




      ProductVendor=Microsoft Corporation

      ProductVersion=OS: 6.0.6002 SP: 2.0 Stack: 2.0