Configure the Google Apps Provisioning Adapter to provision users and groups in Google from the VMware Identity Manager service.

About this task

If provisioning is enabled, whenever you entitle a user to Google Apps in the service, the user is also created in Google. You can also provision groups in Google.


  1. Log in to the VMware Identity Manager administration console.
  2. Click the Catalog tab.
  3. Click Google Apps.
  4. In the Modify application page, click Provisioning.
  5. In the Configuration tab, configure the provisioning adapter.



    Enable Provisioning

    Select this option.

    Admin User Name

    Your Google Apps administrator user name. Do not include the domain name.

    For example: admin

    Service Account

    The client email of the service account.

    You can get the client email from the key file.

    Private Key

    Copy and paste the service account's private key.

    Domain Name

    Your company's domain name.

    For example:

    Suspend On Deprovisioning

    Select this option if you want users to be suspended in Google when you remove their entitlement to Google Apps.

    For example:

    configure Google Apps adapter

  6. Click Test Connection.

    If the connection is successful, a "Made a connection to Google service" message appears at the top of the page.

  7. Click Save.


Provisioning is now enabled. When you entitle a user to Google Apps, if the user does not exist in Google, the user will be created.

What to do next

To complete the user provisioning set up, specify the attributes with which to provision users in Google.