After setting up your View environment, you must set up your VMware Identity Manager environment before integrating pod federations with the service.


  • You have a username and password with the rights to join the Active Directory domain that is used with View. For more information about the rights required to join a domain, see "Integrating with Active Directory" in Installing and Configuring VMware Identity Manager.


  1. Verify that the attribute userPrincipalName in the VMware Identity Manager User Attributes page is marked required.
    1. In the administration console, click the Identity & Access Management tab.
    2. Click Setup and select the User Attributes tab.
    3. If the Required checkbox for the userPrincipalName attribute is not selected, select it.

    You must do this before you create the VMware Identity Manager directory. User attributes cannot be changed to required after the directory is created.

  2. Sync the users and groups that have global or local entitlements in your View environment from Active Directory to the VMware Identity Manager service through directory sync.
    1. To view current users and groups, click the Users & Groups tab.
    2. Select the Identity & Access Management > Directories tab.
    3. Select the appropriate directory.
    4. Modify the directory settings if needed, and click Sync Now.
  3. If applicable, establish a connection to multi-domains or trusted multi-forest domains in Active Directory. See Installing and Configuring VMware Identity Manager for information.
  4. Join the VMware Identity Manager directory to the same Active Directory domain as View if you are syncing any View Connection Server 5.x instances or if you intend to use the Perform Directory Sync option. Both these configurations use an alternative way of syncing, which requires the domain to be joined..
    1. Click the Identity & Access Management tab.
    2. Click Setup and select the Connectors tab.
    3. Click Join Domain next to the appropriate directory.
    4. Type the information for the Active Directory domain and click Join Domain. Do not use non-ASCII characters when you enter your domain information.




      Select the domain to join or select Custom Domain and type the domain name. Ensure that you type the fully qualified Active Directory domain name For example,


      The Active Directory FQDN must be in the same domain as the View Connection Server instances. Otherwise, your deployment fails.

      Domain User

      Type the username of an Active Directory user who has permissions to join systems to that Active Directory domain.

      Domain Password

      Type the password for the user. This password is not stored by VMware Identity Manager.

      Organizational unit (OU) of domain to join

      (Optional) The organizational unit (OU) to join. This option joins the machine to the specified OU instead of the default Computers OU.

      For example, ou=testou,dc=test,dc=example,dc=com.

    5. Verify that VMware Identity Manager and the View servers are joined to the same domain.