Initially, you must accept an SSL certificate on the View Connection server to establish trust between VMware Identity Manager and the View Connection server. If you change an SSL certificate on the View Connection server after the integration, you must return to VMware Identity Manager and reestablish that trust.


  • Verify that View has an SSL certificate installed. By default, View has a self-signed certificate.

  • In View, change the certificate of the View Connection Server to a root-signed certificate. See the VMware View documentation for information about configuring a View Connection server instance or Security Server to use a new certificate.

  • Configure SAML authentication on the View Connection server. You must always use the VMware Identity Manager FQDN on the authenticator configuration page.


    If you use a third-party identity provider to access View desktops from VMware Identity Manager, SAML authentication on the View Connection server must be set to allowed.


  1. In the VMware Identity Manager administration console, click the Catalog tab.
  2. Click Manage Resource Types and select View Application.
  3. Click the Update SSL Cert link next to the Replicated Server Group.
  4. Click Accept on the Certificate Information page.


If the VMware Identity Manager certificate changes after the initial configuration, you must accept the SAML Authenticator from View again. If the View certificate changes, you must accept the SSL certificate in VMware Identity Manager.