You can see the View pools to which your VMware Identity Manager users and groups are entitled.


  • Synchronize information and the respective entitlements from the View Connection Server instances to VMware Identity Manager. You can force a sync on the View Pools page in the administration console, by clicking Sync Now.


  1. Log in to the administration console.
  2. View user and group entitlements to View desktop and application pools.



    List users and groups entitled to a specific View desktop pool.

    1. Click the Catalog tab.

    2. Click Any Application Type > View Desktop Pools or View Hosted Applications.

    3. Click the icon for the View pool for which you want to list entitlements.

    The Entitlements tab is selected by default. Group entitlements and user entitlements are listed in separate tables.

    List of View desktop and application pool entitlements for a specific user or group.

    1. Click the Users & Groups tab.

    2. Click the Users tab or the Groups tab.

    3. Click the name of an individual user or group.

    4. Click the Apps tab.

    View desktop and application pools to which the user or group is entitled are listed.