Provisioning adapters are available for some Web applications. Provisioning adapters let you provision VMware Identity Manager users in the Web application.


  1. In the administration console, click the Catalog tab.
  2. Click the Web application, for example, Google Apps.
  3. In the Modify application page, click Provisioning.
  4. Configure provisioning.



    Configuration tab

    Configure the provisioning adapter.

    1. Click Enable Provisioning.

    2. Enter the Web application account information.

      The information required varies based on the application. For example, for Google Apps, you enter the Google service account information.

    User Provisioning tab

    Specify the attributes with which to provision users in the Web application. Only attributes that have a value are used. You can either map the attributes to VMware Identity Manager user attributes or enter another value. Some attributes are required, which means they must have a value.

    • To specify or change the value for an attribute, click the edit icon next to the attribute, select or enter a value, and click Save.

      The expressions in the drop-down list are those listed in the Identity & Access Management > Setup > User Attributes page. To add items to the drop-down list, add them to the User Attributes page. You can also type a value directly.

      For some attributes, you can specify multiple values.

    • To delete an attribute mapping, click the delete icon next to the attribute.

    Group Provisioning tab

    The Group Provisioning tab appears only for the provisioning adapters that support group provisioning. You select the VMware Identity Manager group that you want to provision in the Web application, and enter the required information. Groups are provisioned immediately.

    For example:

    provisioning page


The provisioning adapter is configured and provisioning is enabled.

When you entitle a user to the Web application in VMware Identity Manager, the user is also created in the Web application. If the deployment type of the entitlement is Automatic, the user is provisioned immediately. If the deployment type is User-Activated, the user is provisioned when the user adds the Web application to the Launcher page in the Workspace ONE portal.

Groups are provisioned immediately after you add them to the Group Povisioning tab.