You can edit the delivery settings of Citrix-published applications and desktops in the VMware Identity Manager administration console. Desktops are referred to as delivery groups.

You can edit the delivery settings globally for all of the Citrix-published applications and Citrix-published desktops available from your VMware Identity Manager deployment, or individually for specific Citrix-published resources.

You configure the delivery settings by editing Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) properties. ICA is a Citrix proprietary protocol. A wide range of ICA properties are available, controlling areas such as security, display, and compression. For more information about configuring ICA properties, see the Citrix documentation.

VMware Identity Manager includes default global settings that define how the configured Citrix deployment delivers Citrix-published resources to users. You can edit the default VMware Identity Manager settings and add new settings.

You can also specify delivery settings for individual resources. Settings for individual resources take precedence over global settings. When you provide ICA properties for the delivery of a specific resource, list all the properties necessary for the Citrix deployment to deliver the resource in the manner you expect. When delivery settings exist in VMware Identity Manager for an individual resource, VMware Identity Manager applies only those settings and ignores all global resource delivery settings.