You can add your organization's Web applications to your catalog and make these applications accessible to your users and groups.

When you add an entry for a Web application to the catalog, you create an application record and configure the address of the Web application. The VMware Identity Manager service uses the application record as a template to establish a secure connection with the Web application.

The following methods can be used to add application records of Web applications to your catalog from the Catalog tab.



From the cloud application catalog

Popular enterprise Web application types are listed in the cloud application catalog. These applications are partially configured. You must complete the rest of the application record form.

Create a new one

You can add Web applications to your catalog that are not listed in the cloud application catalog. The application record for these Web applications are more generic than that of cloud application catalog applications. You enter the application description and configuration information to create the application record.

Import a ZIP or JAR file

You can import a Web application that you previously configured in the service. You might want to use this method to move a deployment from staging to production. In such a situation, you export a Web application from the staging deployment as a ZIP file. You then import the ZIP file to the production deployment.

After you add Web applications to the catalog, you can configure entitlements, access policies, licensing, and provisioning information.

Web applications are added in the administration console. Log in with the administrator user role assigned from your Active Directory or LDAP directory.