To ensure that VMware Identity Manager automatically uses the updated ThinApp package in place of the current one, the updated ThinApp package must be created using the AppID of the currently managed ThinApp package and a higher VersionID value than the current version.

About this task

When the Setup Capture process is used to create an updated ThinApp package, the AppID value is automatically retrieved by the Setup Capture program from the existing ThinApp package's executables, and the VersionID value is automatically incremented. However, the person who is creating the updated ThinApp package might use a different method for creating the updated package. When the Setup Capture process is not used to create the updated ThinApp package, the person creating the package must obtain the AppID and VersionID values for the ThinApp package that is currently managed by VMware Identity Manager. The AppID and VersionID values are displayed on pages in the ThinApp package's resource page in the administration console.


  1. Click the Catalog tab.
  2. Click Any Application Type > ThinApp Packages.
  3. Click the ThinApp package to open its resource page.
  4. Click Details.
  5. Make note of the value listed in the Version field on the Details page.
  6. Click ThinApp Package to display the ThinApp Package page.
  7. Make note of the AppID value listed in the GUID column.

    The value listed in the GUID column is the value that VMware Identity Manager uses to identify this ThinApp package.

What to do next

The person who is creating the updated ThinApp package should complete the steps in Create the Updated ThinApp Package.