You can provision groups in Google from the VMware Identity Manager service using the Google Apps provisioning adapter. You can select any of your VMware Identity Manager groups to provision, regardless of whether they are created locally or synced from your enterprise directory. The group is created in Google and the email addresses of the group members are added to it.

About this task

Groups in Google can be used as mailing lists. They can also be used to manage access to documents, sites, calendars, and so on.

After you provision a group in Google, you can manage it like any other Google group. For example, you can add or delete users.


You have configured the Google Apps provisioning adapter and enabled provisioning. See Configure the Google Apps Provisioning Adapter.


  1. In the VMware Identity Manager administration console, click the Catalog tab.
  2. Click Google Apps.
  3. In the Modify application page, click Provisioning.
  4. In the Provisioning page, click the Group Provisioning tab.
  5. Click Add Group to Provision.
  6. In the Add Group to Provision page that appears, enter the following information.



    Group Name

    Enter the name of the VMware Identity Manager group you want to provision in Google. You can start typing to search for a group.

    Group Owner Email

    Enter the email address of the owner of the group.

    Group Email

    Enter an email address for the group in Google. The group will be created in Google with this email address. The email address must either be new or belong to an existing Google group. It must not belong to a user.

    If a group with this email address already exists in Google, members of the VMware Identity Manager group you selected are added to that group.


    Ensure that the domain of the email address matches the domain you specified in the Domain Name text box in the Configuration tab.

    For example:

    Provision a Group

  7. Click Provision.

    The group is provisioned in Google with the same name as the VMware Identity Manager group and with the email address you specified. The provisioning status is displayed in the Group Provisioning tab.

What to do next

To verify that the group is provisioned in Google, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to the Google Admin console.

  2. Click the Groups icon.

    You may need to click MORE CONTROLS at the bottom of the page to see the Groups icon.

  3. Select the new group to view details.