The following upgrade paths and scenarios are supported.

Supported Upgrade Paths

The following upgrade paths are supported:

  • Version 2.6 or later to 2.8

Internet Connectivity

You can upgrade VMware Identity Manager online or offline.

By default, the VMware Identity Manager appliance uses the VMware Web site for the upgrade procedure, which requires the appliance to have Internet connectivity. You must also configure proxy server settings for the appliance, if applicable.

If your virtual appliance does not have Internet connectivity, you can perform the upgrade offline. For an offline upgrade, you download the upgrade package from My VMware and set up a local Web server to host the upgrade file.

Upgrade Scenarios

  • If you have deployed a single VMware Identity Manager appliance, upgrade it online or offline as described in Upgrading VMware Identity Manager Online or Upgrading VMware Identity Manager Offline.


    Expect some downtime because all services are stopped during the upgrade. Plan the timing of your upgrade accordingly.

  • If you have deployed multiple VMware Identity Manager virtual appliances in a cluster for failover or high availability, see Upgrading a Cluster.

  • To upgrade VMware Identity Manager with no downtime in a multi-data center deployment scenario, see "Upgrading VMware Identity Manager with No Downtime" in Installing and Configuring VMware Identity Manager.