After the initial VMware Identity Manager Connector configuration, you can go to the connector admin pages at any time to install certificates, manage passwords, and download log files.

The VMware Identity Manager Connector admin pages are available at https://connectorFQDN:8443/cfg/login, for example, Log in as the connector admin user with the admin password you created when you installed the connector.

Table 1. Connector Settings



Install Certificate

You can install a custom or self-signed certificate for the connector. If the connector is configured with a load balancer, you can install the load balancer's root certificate. The location of the connector root CA certificate is displayed on this page as well, on the Terminate SSL on a Load Balancer tab.

Change Password

On this page, you can change the connector admin password.

Log File Locations

You can access the connector log files directly on the host computer or bundle the connector log files into a zip file to download.