To enable two-factor authentication with the VMware Verify service, you must add a security token to the VMware Verify page and enable VMware Verify in the Built-in Identity provider.


Create a support ticket with VMware or AirWatch support to receive the security token that enables VMware Verify. The Support team staff processes your request and updates the support ticket with instructions and a security token. You add this security token to the VMware Verify page.

(Optional) Customize the logo and icon that displays in the VMware Verify application on the devices. See Customize Branding for VMware Verify Application.


  1. In the Identity & Access Management tab, go to Manage > Auth Methods.
  2. In the VMware Verify Configure column, click the icon.
  3. Paste the security token you received from the VMware or AirWatch support team into the Security Token text box.
  4. Select the check box Enable VMware Verify.
  5. Click Save.

What to do next

Enable VMware Verify as an authentication method in a built-in identity provider. Configure Built-in Identity Providers.

Create an access policy rule in the default access polity to add the VMware Verify authentication method as the second authentication method in the rule. See Managing Authentication Methods to Apply to Users.

Apply custom banding to the VMware Verify sign-in page. See Customize Branding for VMware Verify Application.