You populate your catalog with Horizon 7 desktop pools and hosted applications, and you integrate your VMware Identity Manager deployment with Horizon 7.

When you click Horizon 7 Application from the Catalog > Manage Desktop Applications menu, you are redirected to the Horizon 7 Pools page. Select Enable Horizon 7 Pools to add pods, perform a directory sync for Horizon 7, and configure the type of deployment the service uses to extend Horizon 7 resources entitlements to users.

After you perform these tasks, the Horizon 7 desktops and hosted applications that you entitled to users with Horizon are available as resources in your catalog.

You can return to the page at any time to modify the configuration or to add or remove pods.

For detailed information about integrating Horizon 7 with VMware Identity Manager, refer to Providing Access to Horizon 7 Desktops in the Setting Up Resource guide.