When VMware Identity Manager is enabled in AirWatch, you can generate the AirWatch issuer root certificate and export the certificate for use with the Mobile SSO for iOS authentication on managed iOS 9 mobile devices.


  1. In the AirWatch admin console, navigate to System > Enterprise Integration > VMware Identity Manager.
  2. To enable AirWatch Certificate Authority, the organization group type must be Customer.

    To view or change the group type, navigate to Groups & Settings, Groups > Organization Groups> Organization Group Details.

  3. In the CERTIFICATE section, click Enable.

    The page displays the issuer root certificate details.

  4. Click Export and save the file.

What to do next

In the VMware Identity Manager console, select the KDC service option to use. See Configuring Mobile SSO for iOS Authentication in the Built-in Identity Provider

In the VMware Identity Manager admin console, configure Kerberos Authentication in the built-in identity provider and add the certificate authority issuer certificate.