In VMware Identity Manager, enable device compliance in the AirWatch configuration page and configure Device Compliance in the Manage > Auth Methods page.

About this task

When Device Compliance is configured, the access policy rules can be configured to check the AirWatch server for device compliance status when users sign in form their devices. See Enabling Compliance Checking for AirWatch Managed Devices.


  1. In the administration console Identity & Access Management tab, select Setup > AirWatch.
  2. In the Device Compliance section, select Enable and click Save.
  3. In the Identity & Access Management tab, go to Manage > Auth Methods.
  4. In the Device Compliance (with AirWatch) Configure column, click the icon.
  5. Enable Device Compliance authentication and set the maximum number of failed login attempts. The other text boxes are pre-populated with the configured AirWatch values.



    Enable Device Compliance Adapter

    Select this check box to enable AirWatch password authentication.

    AirWatch Admin Console URL

    Pre-populated with the AirWatch URL you set up on the AirWatch configuration page.

    AirWatch API Key

    Pre-populated with the AirWatch Admin API key.

    Certificate Used for Authentication

    Pre-populated with the AirWatch Cloud Connector certificate

    Password for Certificate

    Pre-populated with the password for the AirWatch Cloud Connector certificate.

  6. Click Save.

What to do next

Associate the Device Compliance authentication method in the built-in identity provider. See Configure Built-in Identity Providers.

Configure the default access policy to create rules to use device compliance with AirWatch. See Configure Access Policy Rule.