You can configure the network ranges for which users' application or desktop launch traffic (ICA traffic) should be routed through NetScaler to the XenApp server. This is typically used to provide external access to the Citrix-published resources.

About this task

When a user launches an application or desktop from the Workspace ONE portal, if the user's IP address falls in the range configured for Netscaler, the ICA traffic is routed through NetScaler to the XenApp server.


To configure resource launch for internal networks, see Configuring Resource Launch for Internal Network.


You have configured VMware Identity Manager for NetScaler in the Catalog > Settings > Citrix Published Applications > Netscaler Configuration tab.


  1. Log in to the VMware Identity Manager administration console.
  2. Click the Identity & Access Management tab.
  3. Click Setup and click the Network Ranges tab.
  4. Select an existing network range or click Add Network Range to create a new one.
  5. If you are creating a new network range, provide a name and description for the network range.
  6. In the XenApp section of the page, enter the following information.
    1. Enter the NetScaler host name in the Client Access URL Host field. For example:

      If you selected the Use StoreFront checkbox for the server farm in the Published Apps - Citrix page, enter the same URL that you entered in the StoreFront URL field.

    2. Enter the port in the URL Port field. For example: 443
    3. Select the NetScaler checkbox.
  7. In the IP Ranges field, specify the IP range to which your selections apply.
  8. Click Save.