VMware Identity Manager synchronizes Citrix-published applications and desktops, and user entitlements, from the Citrix server farm to the VMware Identity Manager service. You can set a sync schedule to sync the resources and entitlements at regular intervals.

The Citrix farm is the single source of truth for all supported operations in VMware Identity Manager. You manage the resources and entitle users to them in Citrix.

When resources or entitlements are added, changed, or deleted in the Citrix farm, the information is updated in VMware Identity Manager after a sync.

Synchronization Architecture Diagram

Synchronization Architecture Diagram

  • Users and groups are synced from your enterprise directory to the VMware Identity Manager service by the VMware Identity Manager connector.

  • Citrix-published resources and entitlements are synced from the Citrix server farm to VMware Identity Manager using the connector, Integration Broker, and PowerShell SDK.