Configure the VMware Identity Manager appliance to point to the local Web server to perform an offline upgrade. Then upgrade the appliance.


  1. Log in to the VMware Identity Manager appliance as the root user.
  2. Run the following command to configure an upgrade repository that uses a local Web server.
    /usr/local/horizon/update/updatelocal.hzn seturl http://YourWebServer/VM/

    To undo the configuration and restore the ability to perform an online upgrade, you can run the following command.

    /usr/local/horizon/update/updatelocal.hzn setdefault

  3. Perform the upgrade.
    1. Run the following updatemgr.hzn command.
      /usr/local/horizon/update/updatemgr.hzn updateinstaller
    2. Run the following command.
      /usr/local/horizon/update/updatemgr.hzn update

      Messages that occur during the upgrade are saved to the update.log file at /opt/vmware/var/log/update.log.

    3. Run the updatemgr.hzn check command again to verify that a newer update does not exist.
      /usr/local/horizon/update/updatemgr.hzn check
    4. Check the version of the upgraded appliance.
      vamicli version --appliance

      The command should display the new version.

    5. Restart the virtual appliance.

      For example, from the command line run the following command.



The upgrade is complete.

Note that search and autocomplete features in the administration console may not be available for 15-20 minutes after the virtual appliance starts, depending on the version from which you are upgrading. In version 2.7, search indexes were moved to Elasticsearch, a search and analytics engine embedded in the VMware Identity Manager appliance. The migration process can take up to 15-20 minutes after the virtual appliance starts.

Also note that for search and autocomplete to work, auditing must not be disabled. You can verify the auditing setting in the Catalog > Setting > Auditing page.