You can use the updateoffline.hzn script to perform an offline upgrade of the VMware Identity Manager virtual appliance. Download the offline upgrade package from the VMware Identity Manager product download page to use with the script.

The script verifies that the upgrade package matches the product. For example, if you are upgrading the VMware Identity Manager service virtual appliance and you use the connector upgrade package instead of the service upgrade package, the script results in an error.


The updateoffline.hzn script is bundled with version 3.1. After you upgrade to 3.1, you can use the script from the following path for subsequent updates:



  1. Download the updateoffline.hzn script from KB article 2147931 on
  2. Download the file from the VMware Identity Manager product download page on

    The recommended location for saving the file is /var/tmp.

  3. Run the updateoffline.hzn script as the root user.

    updateoffline.hzn [-r] -f upgradeFilePath

    -f upgradeFilePath

    Upgrade the appliance using upgradeFilePath. upgradeFilePath must be an absolute path.



    Reboot after upgrade.



    Displays the script usage.


    For example:

    updateoffline.hzn -f /var/tmp/

  4. If you did not use the -r option with the script, restart the virtual appliance after upgrade is complete.