After you upgrade to VMware Identity Manager 3.3, you might need to configure some of the settings.

Enable Cert Proxy for Android Mobile Single Sign-On for Diagnostic Monitoring

If Android Mobile Single Sign-on is configured, after upgrading VMware Identity Manger, you must enable Cert Proxy through the UI to activate diagnostic monitoring.

Go to the Appliance Settings > Mobile SSO Android SSO cert proxy config page and select Enable Cert Proxy. Click Save.

Log4j Configuration Files

If any log4j configuration files in a VMware Identity Manager instance were edited, new versions of the files are not automatically installed during the upgrade. However, after the upgrade, the logs controlled by those files will not work.

To resolve this issue:

  1. Log in to the Windows machine.
  2. Search for log4j files with the .rpmnew suffix.

    find / -name "**"

  3. For each file found, copy the new file to the corresponding old log4j file without the .rpmnew suffix.

Citrix Integration

For Citrix integration in VMware Identity Manager 3.3, all external connectors must be version 2018.8.1.0 (the connector version in the 3.3 release) or later.

You must also upgrade to Integration Broker 3.32 or later. Upgrade is not available for Integration Broker. Uninstall the old version, then install the new version.