In the event of a service instance failure, authentication is handled automatically by a cloned instance, as configured in the load balancer. However, for directory sync, you need to modify the directory settings in the VMware Identity Manager service to use a cloned instance. Directory sync is handled by the connector component of the service and can only be enabled on one connector at a time.


  1. Log in to the VMware Identity Manager console.
  2. Click the Identity & Access Management tab, then click Directories.
  3. Click the directory that was associated with the original service instance.
    You can view this information in the Setup > Connectors page. The page lists the connector component of each of the service virtual appliances in your cluster.
  4. In the Directory Sync and Authentication section of the directory page, in the Sync Connector field, select one of the other connectors.

    Directory Settings page

  5. In the Bind DN Password field, enter your Active Directory bind account password.
  6. Click Save.