To create a cluster with the VMware Identity Manager service after you install the first instance of VMware Identity Manager, you copy that instance to create an image with the same configuration as the original.

When using multiple VMware Identity Manager services, three or more nodes are required.


The VMware Identity Manager component includes Elasticsearch, a search and analytics engine, and Elasticsearch has a known limitation with cluster of two nodes.


The first VMware Identity Manager instance deployed and tested.

A cluster config file created from the first instance configuration.

  1. In the VMware Identity Manager console, Appliance Settings > VA Configuration page, click Manage Configuration.

  2. Click Cluster File Location.

  3. Enter the password to use to encrypt and decrypt the cluster file.

  4. Click Prepare cluster bundle. A ZIP file of the instance of the VMware Identity Manager is created.

  5. Download the ZIP file to a location that you can get to.


  1. Run the VMware Identity Manager for Windows installer on each machine that is being configured in the cluster.

    Run the installer from an account with administrator privileges.

  2. On the Welcome dialog box, click Next.

    The installer verifies prerequisites on the server. If the required software such as .NET or TLS is not installed, you are prompted to install the software and to restart the server. After restarting, run the VMware Identity Manager installer again.

  3. Accept the End User License Agreement (EULA), then click Next.
  4. The Customer Experience Improvement Program radio button is selected by default. Deselect the radio button if you do not want the data collected.

    VMware collects anonymous data about your deployment to improve VMware's response to user requirements.

  5. The VMware Identity Manager prerequisites are listed. The installer checks for the required modules. You are prompted to install any missing modules.
  6. Select the directory in which to install theVMware Identity Manager service.
  7. On the Configuration dialog box, select the Are you joining an existing cluster check box and browse to the cluster config (ENC) file of the first instance.

    By default the file is located at < INSTALL_DIR>\VMwareIdentityManager\usr\local\horizon\< filename>.enc.

  8. Enter the cluster password created for the cluster config ENC file and click Next.
  9. Click Install to begin the installation.
  10. To finish the installation, click Finish.

    All the VMware Identity Manager configuration files are copied to the server.

What to do next

Add the cloned machine to the load balancer.