After you disassociate the connector component of the node from domains, directory sync settings, and the Built-in identity provider, you can remove the node from the cluster.


You cannot use the Remove command to remove the last node in a cluster.



  1. Shut down the node virtual machine.
    1. Log in to the vCenter Server instance.
    2. Right-click the node virtual machine and select Power > Power Off.
  2. Remove the node from the load balancer.
  3. In the VMware Identity Manager console, remove the node.
    1. Log in to the VMware Identity Manager console as a local administrator.
    2. Click the down arrow on the Dashboard tab and select System Diagnostics Dashboard.
    3. Locate the node you want to remove.

      The node displays the following status:

      The current node is in a bad state. Do you want to want to remove it?

    4. Click the Remove link that is displayed next to the message.


The node is removed from the cluster. Entries for the node are removed from the VMware Identity Manager database. The node is also removed from the embedded Elasticsearch and Ehcache clusters.

What to do next

Wait 5-15 minutes for the embedded Elasticsearch and Ehcache clusters to stabilize before using any other commands.