Before configuring the Microsoft SQL database, make sure that the hardware and software requirements are correct for your deployment.

To size your servers correctly, read the VMware Workspace ONE UEM Recommended Architecture Guide for hardware sizing information and other technical details to ensure that your database can be configured correctly.

SQL Server Software Requirements

  • SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014, or SQL Server 2016 with Client Tools (SQL Management Studio, Reporting Services, Integration Services, SQL Server Agent, latest service packs). Ensure the SQL Servers are 64-bit (OS and SQL Server). Only Standard and Enterprise Editions are supported.

  • .NET 4.6.2 is required to run the database installer. If you do not want to install .NET on to your database server, then run the database installer from another Workspace ONE UEM server or a jump server where .NET can be installed.

  • Ensure the SQL Server Agent Windows service is set to Automatic or Automatic (Delayed) as the start type for the service. If set to manual, the SQL Server Agent Windows service must be manually started before database installation.

TCP/IP Enabled

Use TCP/IP to connect to the database and disable Named Pipes. In the SQL Server Configuration Manager, navigate to the SQL Server Network Configuration page and select Protocols for MSSQLSERVER.