Beginning with VMware Identity Manager for Windows, the AirWatch installer EXE setup file no longer includes the installation of VMware Identity Manager.

A separate VMware Identity Manager EXE set up file can be downloaded from the My VMware downloads page.

Supported Upgrade Path

VMware Identity Manager 3.1 is installed as part of the AirWatch installations for AirWatch version 9.2.2 through 9.3.x.

To upgrade to version 3.3 from the AirWatch install, VMware Identity Manager must be at version 3.1.

For upgrade instructions to version 3.1, see the VMware AirWatch Upgrade Guide.

Understanding the Upgrade Process

Because the VMware Identity Manager for Windows 3.3 is a standalone installer, when you upgrade from 3.1, running the VMware Identity Manager EXE file performs the following actions.

  • Migrates the VMware Identity Manager installation directory from the AirWatch directory structure to a staging directory on the server

  • Uninstalls the AirWatch directory from the server

  • Copies the files from the staging directory to the VMware directory

  • Upgrades VMware Identity Manager

The upgrade process does not differ significantly from the installation process. The values and settings you configured should be automatically populated. You can verify the settings and select Next through the installer.