The VMware Identity Manager Administration Guide provides information and instructions about using and maintaining your tenant with the VMware Identity Manager™ service.

The initial tasks you perform from your VMware Identity Manager console are to set up directory sync with your Active Directory, configure the authentication methods that users use to sign on to their Workspace ONE apps portal, and apply your custom branding to your site. After the initial setup, the key task you perform is to entitle users to resources. Other tasks support this key task by providing you with more detailed control over which users or groups are entitled to which resources under which conditions.

The actual resource types you manage vary according to the needs of your organization. To entitle a resource type, you must first perform the preconfiguration tasks as described in the Setting Up Resources Guide.

Intended Audience

This information is intended for anyone who wants to configure and administer their VMware Identity Manager tenant. This information is written for experienced Windows or Linux system administrators who are familiar with virtual machine technology, identity management, Kerberos, and directory services. Knowledge of other technologies, such as VMware Horizon® 7, Horizon® Cloud, and Citrix application vitalization, and authentication methods, such as RSA SecurID, is helpful if you plan to implement those features.