Catalog settings include global settings that are applicable to all resources in the catalog and settings specific to either web applications or to virtual applications.

The following global catalog settings are accessible from the Catalog > Settings menu.

  • Global Settings to disable the launcher preference prompt to download helper applications for virtual apps.

  • Remote App Access to create clients to enable access to remote applications.

  • User Portal Branding to customize the Workspace ONE user portal logo and background appearance.

  • User Portal Configuration to customize how resources are displayed in the Workspace ONE user portal pages.

  • People Search to enable this feature in Workspace ONE.

The Catalog > Web Apps > Settings menu on the Web Apps page include a Global Approvals option to manage access to apps that require approvals and a SaaS Apps page to generate signing certificates.

The Catalog > Virtual Apps > Virtual App Settings page includes Network Settings that list network ranges that have been configured, Citrix Published Application page to edit settings for individual Citrix-published apps and desktops, and ThinApp Application Alerts link to view ThinApp alerts.

See Setting Up Resources in VMware Identity Manager