You integrate your enterprise directory with VMware Identity Manager to sync users and groups from your enterprise directory to the VMware Identity Manager service.

The following types of directories are supported.

  • Active Directory over LDAP
  • Active Directory, Integrated Windows Authentication
  • LDAP directory

To integrate your enterprise directory, you perform the following tasks.

  • Specify the attributes that you want users to have in the VMware Identity Manager service.
  • Create a directory in the VMware Identity Manager service of the same type as your enterprise directory and specify the connection details.
  • Map the VMware Identity Manager attributes to attributes used in your Active Directory or LDAP directory.
  • Specify the users and groups to sync.
  • Sync users and groups.

After you integrate your enterprise directory and perform the initial sync, you can update the configuration, set up a sync schedule to sync regularly, or start a sync at any time.