Cloud users have a limited set of rights and privileges relative to cloud administrators. Cloud users are limited to the tenants to which they are assigned. Tenants are called projects in OpenStack. Cloud users can create and manage instances, create and manage volumes, create networks, and create new images, among other tasks.


  • Verify that you are logged in to the VMware Integrated OpenStack dashboard as a cloud administrator.

  • Verify that a configured OpenStack project is available. See Create an OpenStack Project.

VMware Integrated OpenStack now supports Keystone multi-domain back-end:

  • A separate back-end can be on each domain.

  • The local domain now contains the service users, vioservice user, and admin user. This domain is backed by SQL. The Default domain contains either your standard users if using SQL or LDAP users if AD was configured. For convenience, the admin user is also available on the Default domain.

  • Along with the domain context in Horizon, in the CLI you will also need to specify a domain if not using the Default. OpenStack command lines will always default to the default domain.

  • When logging in to the dashboard, users are now prompted for a domain name. To log in successfully, they must enter "default" for the domain name


  1. On the VMware Integrated OpenStack dashboard, select the admin project from the drop-down menu in the title bar.
  2. Select Admin > Identity Panel > Users.
  3. Click Create User.

    The Create User dialog appears.

  4. Ensure that the Domain ID field is set to default and the Domain name is Default.

    Users must enter the correct domain name to successfully log into the VMware Integrated OpenStack dashboard.

  5. Configure the user settings.



    User Name

    Cloud user name.


    Valid email address for the new user.

    Password/Confirm Password

    Preliminary password for the new user.

    Primary Project

    Project to which the user is assigned. You cannot create a user account without assigning it to at least one project.


    Role to which the user is assigned. A role is a set of rights and privileges. A user assigned that role inherits those rights and privileges.


    To enable the user, check the Enable check box. To enable the user at a later time, leave the Enable check box unchecked.

  6. Click Create User at the bottom of the panel.


The VMware Integrated OpenStack dashboard assigns an ID to the user, and the user now appears on the Users page.