You can view and monitor instance activity and metadata in the vSphere Web Client.


Verify that VMware Integrated OpenStack is deployed and operational.

Verify that you or another user has started instances in VMware Integrated OpenStack.


  1. In the vSphere Web Client, select Home > Inventories, and click the VMware Integrated OpenStack icon.
  2. Expand the Inventory view until you expose the instance VMs in the compute cluster.

    The instance VMs are identified by their UUIDs.

  3. Select an instance VM and click the Summary tab.

    The Summary tab displays the portlets common to VMs in thevSphere Web Client. The OpenStack VM and Tags portlets contain details about instances created in OpenStack.

  4. (Optional) Locate and review the OpenStack VM and Tags VM portlets.

    These portlets display information about the selected instance, including instance properties such as the name, tenant, the user that created the instance, the originating flavor, and so on.

  5. (Optional) Use the vSphere Web Client to search for and filter OpenStack instances.
    1. In the vSphere Web Client Search field, enter one of the tag values from the Tags portlet.

      For example, to find all instances created using the default m1.tiny flavor, enter m1.tiny.

      The Related Objects tab appears with a list of all the OpenStack instances that match the search criteria.

    2. Click the name of any instance to open the Summary tab for that instance.