The Nova scheduler provides filters that you can use to ensure that OpenStack instances are automatically placed on the same host (affinity) or separate hosts (anti-affinity).

You apply the affinity or anti-affinity filter as a policy to a server group. All instances that are members of the same group are subject to the same filters. When you create an OpenStack instance, you can specify the server group to which the instance will belong and therefore what filter will be applied.

You can perform this configuration using either the OpenStack CLI or ServerGroup API. You cannot perform this configuration in the VMware Integrated OpenStack Horizon dashboard.

This approach to placing OpenStack instances is tenant-based. Affinity and anti-affinity determine the relationship among instances in the same server group, but they cannot determine the hosts on which the instances are placed in vCenter. For an administrator-based approach that provides greater control, see Use DRS to Control OpenStack Instance Placement.