VMware provides updates in the form of Debian patches. Patches that affect the infrastructure of the VMware Integrated OpenStack deployment must be applied through the command console for the VMware Integrated OpenStack Manager vApp.


  1. Download the Debian patch from VMware.

    If you do not know where to obtain the patch, go to the VMware Integrated OpenStack product page https://www.vmware.com/products/openstack or consult with VMware.

  2. Add the patch to your VMware Integrated OpenStack installation.
    1. Log into the console for theVMware Integrated OpenStack management server.
    2. Add the patch.
      viopatch add -l [path to the debian file]
    3. Confirm that the patch was successfully added.
      viopatch list

      This returns a list of available patches, their version numbers, their type, and current status. The list should indicate the patch by its build number.

  3. Install the patch.
    1. Ensure that VMware Integrated OpenStack service is either running or not yet deployed.

      If the VMware Integrated OpenStack service is in any other state, the upgrade will fail.

    2. Log into the VMware Integrated OpenStack management server and run the following command:
      viopatch install -p <upgrade patch name> -v <upgrade patch version>

      The patch installation takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

  4. To complete the update, log out of thevSphere Web Client and back in.

    You can ignore any error messages you encounter when logging back in.

  5. Restart all VMware Integrated OpenStack services.


If necessary, you can revert to the previous version. For details, see Reverting a Patch Update Installation.

For troubleshooting the patch installation, see Troubleshooting Update Patch Installation Problems