VMware provides updates in the form of Debian patches. Patches that do not affect the infrastructure of the VMware Integrated OpenStack deployment can be applied by using the VMware Integrated OpenStack Manager vApp.


vSphere Web Client

Some patches might require you to shut down the VMware Integrated OpenStack service before proceeding.


  1. Download the Debian patch from VMware.

    If you do not know where to obtain the patch, go to the VMware Integrated OpenStack product page https://www.vmware.com/products/openstack or consult with VMware.

  2. Transfer the patch file to the management server.
  3. Log in to the management server and enter the following command to load the patch file into the management server repository:

    sudo viopatch add -l path/filename.deb

    where filename.deb is the filename of the Debian patch file.

  4. In the vSphere Web Client, select Home > Inventories, and click the VMware Integrated OpenStack icon.
  5. Click the Manage tab and click the Updates tab.

    The Updates tab lists added patches and indicates if they are installed.

  6. Select the patch and click Choose.

    The patch appears in the list on the Updates tab.

  7. Install the patch.

    If you can install the patch by using the VMware Integrated OpenStack Manager vApp, the Apply option appears in the Patch Action column on the Updates tab.

    If the Apply option does not appear in the Patch Action column, click More details in the Patch Description column to access instructions for installing patches by using the CLI.

    After you install a patch, the value in the Patch Status column on the Updates tab changes to Installed.

  8. To complete the update, log out of thevSphere Web Client and back in.

    You can ignore any error messages you encounter when logging back in.

  9. Restart all VMware Integrated OpenStack services.